Trullo Solari Arrival Menu

We’re delighted with the response to our new Arrival Menu.  As most people arrive at Trullo Solari late on a Saturday, and shopping opportunities are limited on Sundays, we have always offered to buy food in for our guests’ first meals.  The only problem with that was that I would generally find myself wandering around the supermarket trying to work out what people would like to eat!

To make things easier on everyone, we have now devised a “menu” that you can choose from, some starters (such as prosciutto and melon or zucchini frittata) and main courses (including spaghetti con calamari or swordfish with fresh pesto)  that are quick and simple to cook when you arrive.  We also have recipe sheets for you, in case you need some help putting it all together!  There are also a couple of dishes that I can cook for you (roast vegetable lasagne) and will just need heating when you arrive.  Of course there are a couple of dolce to choose from too.

We’ve offered this service to our guests arriving in the next few weeks, and one has ordered the whole menu so that they have enough food to last until Monday!

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