“Human Kind Cannot bear very much reality “- T.S.Eliot

“Human Kind

Cannot bear very much reality “- T.S.Eliot

And so taking Mr. Eliot at his word we all need to find a place in which we can escape the dreaded reality that surrounds us. Trullo Solari is a good place to start! Rolling hills, ancient, gnarled and twisted olive trees, beating sun, shady corners, cooling water and most importantly when you travel in a group – a bathroom for all!! ;o)

Places to visit – Martina Franca with it’s chic feel, good food and shops. Cisternino for excellent eating (try Bella Italia). Locorotondo for a wander and lunch at Trattoria Centro Storico (otherwise known as da Giovanni). Torre Guaceto for a pretty beach. Alberobello if you really have to! You can see much prettier trulli around the above towns and you don’t have to suffer the tourist tat hell!! As you may have guessed it didn’t leave much of an impression! If you’re feeling adventurous and you want to see some seriously blue sea head south for 50 minutes to Punto Prosciutta near Porto Cesareo or to Lecce for some baroque splendour. However, there’s always the temptation to just hang out by the pool, drink cocktails, read books and practice your pizza making skills in the evening. The place is truly wonderful and the guys have done a fantastic job of renovating it in a sympathetic and very comfortable style with everything you could possibly need.

If you want to escape from your reality, eat fantastic food, laze around, get some culture, see the most fantastic light you could possibly hope to find and stay in a wonderful place then you could do much worse. We loved it. You will too.


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