Puglia Navigator

Driving in Puglia is something to experience. There are some strange rules of the road to learn, such as randomly giving way to the right; and some rules that are unusually optional such as one way streets and stopping at red lights. Then there are the locals that you share the road with, from the contadino in his 3 wheel Ape to the budding Grand Prix driver that is so close to you he might disappear up your exhause pipe. Having said all of this, the overriding experience of driving here is that it’s a bit of a game, but no one gets upset and people demonstrate ten times more patience than you generally experience on roads in the UK.

Your next challenge is, of course, to find where you’re going. And this is where we can now help our guests. We’ve been spending the summer programming our new TomTom with all our favourite restaurants, shops and places to go. No more trying to explain how to find the Masseria to watch your mozzerella being made, the Trullo Solari TomTom will take you right there. Looking for that little fish restaurant right on the ocean, or the trattoria in the back street of Ostuni old town? Don’t worry, it’s all programmed for you! We want our guests of enjoy Puglia as much as we do, which is why we’ve made it easier to share some of our secrets…

Ape in Ostuni old town

An Ape in Ostuni old town

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