Zero Food Miles

Inspired by Hugh FW’s Fish Fight, I just spent 5 euro on a jar of locally caught, artisan-preserved tuna in olive oil.  Tuna will no longer be a standby, but a luxury item.  But it got me reflecting, once again, how great it is hear to have access to this kind of food in Puglia, to be able to make those choices.

Local fruit and veg are abundant at Trullo Solari

We try to grow our own fruit and veg, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  (We’re still learning!)  But when it doesn’t, or when we fancy something different, the Saturday market in Ostuni is full of fresh, beautiful, seasonal produce.  There is a 400 metre stretch of stalls, from the “muddy” end, which are little guys selling what they’ve grown, to the more “shiny” end which sell imported bananas and have carrots wrapped in plastic.  Sure, there are supermarkets, but we also have the choice to go and buy raw milk from the farm, or today’s ricotta, or the mozzerella that you can watch them making.  We go to the coast to buy fish from the little port market.  We go to the mill in Ceglie to buy flour.  One day we’ll grow our own wheat and take it for them to mill, but that day hasn’t yet come!  And of course we have the gift of our own olive harvest and traditionally pressed olive oil.  Those concerned with how the demise of fossil fuels will impact the food supply predict everyone will have to move back to this way of life.  But for now we are loving and appreciating what we have.

Guests at Trullo Solari can obviously join our appreciation for this quality of food while you’re here.  Our sat-nav is loaded with all of our favourite delis and food producers, and is yours for your stay.  And if the short drive to get there spoils your envionmental conscience, you can of course be content picking the fruit from the garden!

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