Got Goats!

At last, our goats have arrived!  Firstly, let me reassure you (if you need reassuring) that they are securely (I hope) penned in at home, not on the Trullo Solari grounds.  We’ve been talking and planning and debating and re-thinking and finally waiting and waiting for our chosen goats to be sure to be pregnant.  And at last, they’re safely installed in with the chickens in the 400 square metre pen at the back of our house.  We have two females, both pregnant, with kids due at the end of February.  I think that it’s safe to say we’ve gone in at the deep end.  But we wanted to be sure to have a good milk supply, and probably a little meat.  But that’s a question to be dealt with later…  Goats at Trullo Solari

For now our priority is to tame them a little.  They’ve been on a farmyard with “right to roam”, and are not used to much human contact on a day to day basis.  If we’re going to be assisting births and milking, that will obviously have to change.  Already within three days we have progressed from them charging away from us at first sign, to eating their luxury muesli mix (with fave beans and carob!) from the bucket in my hand this morning.

So, all being well, Trullo Solari guests will be treated to fresh goats’ milk and cheese this summer.  And in case that’s not to your taste, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy the goat’s milk and olive oil soap.  Either way, if you want to stop by and say hi to them, hopefully they’ll be brave enough to say ciao back.

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