Truffle Hunting in Puglia

Amazingly, Puglia, deep in the heel of Italy, is relatively unknown.  For ten years travel writers have been calling it “the new Tuscany”, but it’s fame is still somewhat muted.  Those that do know it may know the trulli, the funny cone shaped roofs, the olive oil, the Primitivo wine.  Maybe even orecchiette, little ear-shaped pasta.

But very very few will know that Puglia also produces truffles.

There’s ntruffle huntingot too much that I can share with you on this post, as I was sworn to secrecy on much of what I learnt during my meeting with The Truffle Hunter last week.  But I can say that there are truffles down here.  And lots of them.  And, if you’re as lucky as our Gourmet Puglia guests will be in September, you can team up with The Truffle Hunter and his dogs for a morning and go truffle hunting.  Unlike in the north of Italy where the truffles have a short season, they are to be found in Puglia throughout the year.  The black ones are more common, but white ones can be found too.  Even if we don’t find any, I’m looking forward to the truffle tasting lunch!

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