Pizza Night

Pizza at Trullo Solari

Pizza at Trullo Solari

There are always two rules when we cook pizza with our guests.  And three certain outcomes.

Many people haven’t used a wood burning oven before, and although it’s not rocket science it can be a little daunting, and nice to have someone work with you the first time.  So, many weeks through the year, guests ask us to come and cook pizza together.  Armed with toppings and fresh dough and plenty of wine, Keith lights the fire and I prepare the work space.  Most guests dive right in and want to assemble their own pizza delights, rolling the dough and building their dream pie.

Which is where the two rules come in.  Less is more.  Round is over-rated.  If you want a round pizza, go to Tesco. When you’re on holiday, relax.  Who cares what shape it is?  But, if you want to be able to watch your pizza grow and crisp in the oven in less then two minutes, then best not to overload it with toppings.  So, with those two rules covered let your imagination go wild.  Someone will make a face, someone will stuff a crust.  Most people share their pizzas as they come out the oven, and the rolling and building goes on.

I won’t share all of the three certain outcomes, you need to keep some surprises.  But one concerns everybody’s favourite pizza, one covers what people say they’re going to do when they get home, and the last is that it will be one of the best nights of your holiday.

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