Dream Kitchen

People love staying at Trullo Solari. Most say they plan on returning at the end of their holiday, and many do. But we’re always on the look out to make improvements and this year is no exception. I’ll post photos of our projects as we finish, but I couldn’t wait to tell you about the one that is exciting me the most (and affording me the most retail browsing of an evening!). We’re making over the kitchen.

Situated under a trullo cone, the kitchen has always been cute. Fully functional, but, to be honest, a bit of a stretch when catering for eight hungry holiday makers. We consider ourselves foodies and fully appreciate the divine produce that is so easily available here in Puglia. So we thought that it was only right that we provide a dream kitchen, to spoil the foodie in all of us.

Being set in a trullo and under an arch, the re-design has been interesting to figure out. First the washing machine is being moved out into a new laundry room at the back of the house. Then with the freed up space, everything gets ripped out to make room for: an American-style (HUGE) fridge freezer, five ring hob, extra large oven, wine fridge and lots more storage.

And what comes with more storage? Toys! So far we’ve planned a food processor and juicer. We’re thinking of a sous vide machine and sausage stuffer. Tell me, what would you be delighted to find in your foodie rental property kitchen?

As well as the satnav to guide you to the out-of-the-way farms and markets for produce, we can provide veggies, pork and goat products from our own little homestead (subject to availability). And we’d be happy to come and share some of expertise in cheese, sausage or pasta making…

Most importantly, we guarantee that the kitchen knives will be sharp!


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